Well. Here we are. The end of 2020 and the prep for 2021. Listen, I’m not going to hash out all the ways 2020 was horrific. Feel free to read Dave Barry’s wrap-up if you’re so inclined.  I’ve previously shared a few ways I think 2020 changed us for the better. What I’m looking at now, today, is what we do to move forward, to be sure our clients stand out as the best in their industry and that we continue to push the envelope to make their online voice sound real.

A post shared on a social media group with which I’m involved says overall engagement was down for 2020. I’m not here to argue that as I believe the researchers and writers did their due diligence and have unearthed the data that can prove their thesis, and presented it well. I daresay we saw some of what they talk about in this article show up in several client reports throughout the year, so I believe what they found to be true (and the data proves it).

The writer offers two suggestions for improvement in 2021:

  • More video
  • Post less

Here’s where I’m going to take this a step further:

  • Diversify

The data analyzed and the report presented in this article focuses solely on Facebook (it’s not clear to me if this included data from Instagram but since it doesn’t outright say it does I’m going to assume it’s Facebook-specific).

Therefore, the charge to my team is as we work with our clients and continue to educate them, we remind them how important it is to expand their audience by finding new community members on other platforms. For us, that means a strategic presence on Twitter.

We’ve always seen social media as a means to achieve two-way conversation between brands and consumers. There’s more to a marketing plan than just posting on Facebook. I can’t tell you how many times a potential client asks how many posts our rate includes per week. We’ve never organized our retainers by number of posts, as it can change week to week, depending on what is going on in the world. When there’s a lot to say, we say a lot and when there’s not, we don’t. Twitter lends itself to this more than any other social platform today, in the opinion of this agency owner.

In 2021 we’ll work to allocate hours for clients on Twitter, we’ll use best-practices we’ve developed and proven through the years, and we’ll continue to give the brands we represent true, human voices online.

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