One of the challenges I have with my business is that the territories our reps cover are so spread out. We’ve got Louisville, KY; Memphis, TN; Chicago, IL & Los Angeles, CA. But there are so many pockets of areas around the country where my clients – the amazing manufacturers of these products – do not have representation.

Some of them work with other representatives around the US and have more areas covered than others. But for those that don’t, I wanted to be able to offer them a way “in” to those boutiques across the country that just aren’t getting introduced to these products of which I am such a huge fan.

So.. as with any good problem, I’ve found – what I believe to be – a great solution. Allow me to introduce you to Laura Nash. Laura is now taking on representing these products all over the country, by phone and email to try to place our products in more and more boutiques.

The Nash Family

Laura is new to my hometown, Louisville, KY. Her cousin is the CEO of another client of mine, over on the social media marketing side – Rooibee Red Tea. We were introduced at a recent meeting regarding the National Association of Women MBAs conference which is coming to Louisville this weekend. I’m so glad to have her here – and to have her on board 520 East Brands. Now that she’s officially signed on, I want to introduce her to you as well! I’ve got my trusty list of interview questions… so away we go:

What is your career background, before coming to this position?

I was a Newborn ICU nurse for 9 years before having my son, Colin. After he was born, I struggled with returning to the bedside. Soon after he was born, our family moved from San Francisco to Philadelphia so my husband could attend business school. On a whim, I applied for a position as an admissions counselor. I LOVE it. I have the honor and privilege of meeting and interviewing some pretty incredible, accomplished people. My husband graduated from business school this past May and we relocated to Louisville. I will continue working remotely for Wharton, but wanted to supplement our income with some sort of flexible, part-time position here in Louisville. Meeting Shane was very serendipitous!

What’s your long term goal with 520 East Brands?

I would love to connect as many people as possible with the great products of 520 East Brands. As a newborn ICU nurse and now as a mom with a concern for leaving future generations a healthy world, I think these products are incredibly beneficial.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Texas, lived in Utah and Colorado, then moved back to Texas when I was in high school. I went to The University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘Em, Horns!).

What’s your “elevator pitch” about what you do?

I love being a “connector” and connecting people with products that are well-made, beautiful, and useful. The products of 520 East Brands are all of the above.

What’s your favorite vacation of all time?
Wow, that’s a tough one. Maybe my second honeymoon to Bali (our first honeymoon to Costa Rica was spent recovering from the wacky whirlwind that was our wedding), maybe the safari in Kenya, maybe the numerous trips I made to visit my parents in the 4 years that they lived in Paris. But the vacations that are the most memorable are the ones spent laughing with family, whether it be in a cabin in the snowy mountains of Colorado with my family, or on the beach of Saugatuck, Lake Michigan, where my husband’s extended family has been vacationing every year since his grandmother started going as a little girl in 1926. Sweet memories and tradition.

What’s the one place you’d love to go with your family?

Right now, I’m longing to get back to San Francisco to visit all of our amazing friends there!

What’s your favorite restaurant in your local city?
Having recently moved here after spending 8 years in San Francisco and 2 years in Iron Chef Jose Garces’ city of Philadelphia, I was thrilled to find the foodie scene here in Louisville is just as great! There are so many great restaurants, but the one I’m liking right now is 732 Social. This restaurant is housed in a super cool, green building. The food and drinks are amazing.

Welcome to the team, Laura! We are just thrilled to have you!

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