Wow. March 22nd. That was the last time I posted on my blog. You know… when this whole thing started and we all went home to work, I thought I was ahead of the game because I’ve been doing this for so long. I’ve juggled the laundry while doing a conference call and had a client meeting while making dinner. I can pop in and out of my office and being “mom” all day and never bat an eye. But even though that piece of it was status quo for me, some other things changed.

First, I was not used to having the rest of the family home all day. This is my space. I work here and live here and function here all day long. You people are supposed to be out. And now, not. The upside, of course, has been that my husband has been home and not traveling, we have family dinner every night, I’m not sitting in traffic half the day taking kids places and my commute time to client meetings is zero. This has afforded more free time (in which I find myself going in and out of the gym and logging on for more classes whether cardio, strength or meditation) throughout the day.

But here’s the downside for me, personally, and I’m going to be brutally honest here. I think the craziness of our schedule and plotting in appointments, practices, performances, games, meets and meetings makes me more productive. Exhausted? Yes. But more productive.

My to do list hasn’t changed much… there are still things to do around the house, things to do for the kids, for work, etcetera. But having more time to do the same amount of things has made me less willing(?) able(?) to get them done. I pride myself on being the person who “gets sh!t done” so when I look at that list and see things not crossed off it irritates me to no end.

I find I spend way too much time scrolling through social. Do you? Now I get that I’m supposed to be on social, but some days I find I’m not actually being productive on there. Going down rabbit holes and refreshing Facebook isn’t healthy – even when your job demands it. And, here’s the kicker:

I’ve neglected Twitter. Truly, I have. I’m checking client accounts and making sure things are rolling out. But MY account? I just took a break. I couldn’t take the politics anymore. Even though my digital existence is important to my career, I just personally needed a break.

And then yesterday I was checking on something and a tweetchat popped up – #ContentChat. Now, I used to run several tweetchats. Years ago, I was honored to be the voice of #MobileChat and it was a blast. I had people I looked forward to seeing every Wednesday night, my family knew I needed to be home and online for that event. It was really fun. But it’s been a while since I participated in a chat. And yesterday, I pulled up my old account on Tweetdeck and dug in. I met some new people, learned a few new things and found a muscle memory I forgot I had.

So now… now that we know we’re going to be working/living like this for the foreseeable future I’m hereby making a promise to my team, my clients and myself that I’m not going to waste time online. I’m going to be back to being productive. I’m scheduling more one-to-one meetings via Zoom to fill up my day. If I have extra time, I’m going to use that extra time in a productive way. Out with the Facebook refresh and in with the accomplished to do list.

Here’s to now. Whatever that means.

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