Last week on the Monday Marketing Minute we talked about keeping things real and authentic. This week we are focused on one of the main pieces of your marketing strategy and that is your definition of your content pillars. 

When working with any client, one of the first things we must determine are their content pillars. If you’re just throwing ideas up in the air (and onto your social feeds) and don’t have an organized plan of what kinds of content you need to share to move the needle on your business, what are you even doing? 

Now don’t get confused. This is not about determining the types of media (Reels, photos, graphics, blogposts, videos) you plan to share via social. This is still very much about your voice. We used to live by the 80/20 rule in social where 20% of what you published was a sales tactic and 80% was… well… what was it? 

In the years since social came about as a form of marketing a business, that 80% has been better-defined and agencies like ours help YOUR company determine specifically what that means. 

Not every piece of content can be a sales call-to-action, but every piece of content can be about your business. If you’re properly telling a story about your business then that 80%, if well-organized, should also be leading to sales (or leads). So yes, you can be real and you can show fun and one of your content pillars can actually be behind-the-scenes or bloopers… but it’s still got to tie into your organized strategy. 

Do you know have any idea what your content pillars are? Don’t look at your competitor or your neighbor’s paper. This is about you and your business. This should be one of the first steps to determine before ever publishing any piece of content. 

If you’re having trouble determining your content pillars or you just aren’t sure how on earth to get this organized, let me know and we can help. 

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