A few years ago, I developed some serious skin allergies. I had never been an allergic person before and this was all very new to me. For about six months, I had painful, swollen lips. It was embarrassing – and did I mention painful? I went through allergy testing at a dermatologist’s office and determined I’m allergic to about 8 different topical items.

The lead ingredient I’m allergic to is Paraben. Whether it’s listed as Paraben, Methyl-Paraben, Ethyl-Paraben… doesn’t matter. And it reacts via my lips. Meaning if I shave my legs with shaving cream that includes a paraben, my lips swell up – immediately.

So I’ve gone completely Paraben free. I actually feel better knowing I’m using all-natural ingredients now, because after learning that Paraben is literally in EVERY product I was using (Jergens, Cetaphil, liquid soap, makeup, toothpaste and more), I also learned that parabens have been found in breast tumors. So it may sound weird, but I walk around with my own liquid soap in my purse that I use whenever I’m out and need to wash my hands.

A few years ago, I met a woman named Alyssa. Actually, we originally met on Twitter. And I learned about her line of all-natural, paraben-free, synthetic-fragrance-free products. And then I found out she lives in my hometown.

I’ve gotten to know Alyssa offline and in-person over the past couple of years. She and I have attended some women’s business networking events together. And I find her to be a savvy, smart, creative, determined woman.

Her products are one-of-a-kind -and, of course, Kentucky Proud (which makes me proud). I love the all-natural scents she’s mixed together: Lavender Bergamot or Mojito Sugar Scrubs, Lavender Rosemary or Lemon Poppyseed Soaps, Lemon Lavender or Ginger Cardamom Cream Whipped Shea Butter. And there are more. Of course, I’m a lavender fan so I had to give those examples. The list and options go on and on.

She’s now extended her line to include Eco Baby Botanicals, an all-natural, vegan, skincare line for babies and children. I love the Herbal Baby Bottom Balm – so much better than putting all those chemicals on a baby’s tush. The Talc-free baby powder, lotions & soaps are all just lovely additions.

Alyssa first started handcrafting these all-natural products because her daughter has a skin allergy as well. For Alyssa, she takes her personal experiences and figures out a way to make the world a better place. One of the biggest contributions by Alyssa’s company is her foundation, Behind the Curtain. This foundation gives funds to organizations that support women and children in domestic violence situations. This is an issue very close to Alyssa’s heart. Having heard her story directly from her, I am so honored to now work alongside Alyssa, helping people to learn about not only her brands, but about her foundation. She is a true survivor – no exaggeration – and everytime we introduce her brand to more people, it’s a privilege.

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