Believe it or not, there are plenty of people out there who have shied away from using social – for personal and for business. They see too many challenges and pitfalls with it, or they don’t understand it and don’t have time to dig into something new. 

But here’s the thing… and hear me out… you want to be in the room where it happens, right? You don’t want to have FOMO – especially when what you’re missing out on is your potential customer. 

Without using social, brand awareness is going to continue to get more and more challenging – and expensive. You’ve got to meet your customer where he or she is. And a lot of times (especially with your NEXT customer), that’s on social. 

It’s important to think of social as a sales tool. Though many times direct sales do not come from social (this is very industry-specific) rethinking the purpose of social might help you get past the “I just don’t like social” stance.

A great way to share your story is to set up a camera and just tell it. And where better to post that story than on social? Want to get your customers involved in a groundswell of a grassroots marketing campaign? Sharing content on social can help. Show some behind-the-scenes, get-to-know-our-people footage and publish it on social. 

Do you have to be the most tech-savvy? Of course not. Do you have to participate in every social platform out there? Probably better if you don’t. 

But dipping your toe in and learning how to reach more of your audience via one or two social platforms is likely the piece of the marketing mix that is missing. 

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