I’ve mentioned before how so much of what I do is online, but that there is still a place where face-to-face (even via screen) is needed. One such example is networking. I joined the Chamber of St. Matthews (a local business chamber) several years ago. Through the pandemic, this group has gotten me through as they immediately pivoted to online programming and today, they are slowly easing us back into in-person events.

One of the opportunities the group offers is a smaller networking group that meets every other week. And through that small group, I’ve met a number of other professionals who are in adjacent industries to me including public relations, web development and branding. And, let’s not forget the IT guy because the rest of us are not your person for that!

We often educate our group on the differences between each of us – where does the website designer’s work end and mine begin, for instance. But the one “vendor” all businesses need before they ever get to me, or the PR person or the website person is the overall branding person. And on Monday’s episode, I’m bringing Jason Davis, Co-founder and CEO of NerdBrand to the show.

Here’s what Jason has to say about branding:

Everything is an ad. Think about your website, business cards, apparel, email signature, what you say, how you are perceived, and the visual identity you adopt to associate with your brand. Clearly defining the “Why, How, and What” of your business replaces all doubt and confusion about your brand. More importantly, it boosts the confidence and optimism you have about your business’s future, allowing you to attract more customers.

I hope you’ll tune in and assuming no technical difficulties, you can find us live at FacebookLinkedIn AND YouTube.


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