I get it. Clients want to see results, quickly. I get that. But I think what a lot of people don’t get is that social media, when managed properly, is handled the same way a relationship in real life is handled (or should be handled).

If you were invited to a party, and you only knew one or two people, would you expect to walk out with a list of names, numbers and detailed information on each person that would make you feel like you had found all of your long lost friends? The following morning, would you want to call that new guy or girl you just met and ask them to marry you? Think about this logically. Social Media engagement is simply a new technique on an old practice – getting to know someone.

So take your time and get to know people out there. And know that if you have someone managing your social media engagement, unless you’re selling free diamonds, you aren’t going to see a lot of return immediately (and really if they’re free something says you aren’t seeing any “return” at all).

Jay Baer, one of the foremost speakers on social media has said often, “This is all about treating marketing and business as a marathon, not a sprint, he says. You can’t close the deal overnight.” This is true no matter what your business is. You may own a restaurant, you may sell a product for kids, you may be selling tickets to an event, or you may be rallying people around your cause. But they all take time to build, and to catch on. More on Baer’s tactics here.

So slow down. Don’t expect a miracle. Get your products, services and messaging ready and then methodically begin to use social with a plan. Running out of the gate and expecting immediate return is foolish, and really, impossible.

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