It really IS easy being green.

Today’s post is a bit personal because it has to do with not only a great company, but a great product that I own and use.

Today I packed my kids up for day camp and sent them on their way, lunch in hand. But this lunch… it was a bit different than those I’ve packed in the past. Why? Because this time, there were no plastic baggies involved.

I packed sandwiches, sliced apples and baby carrots but instead of plastic, I used Itzy Ritzy’s Snack Happened bags.

These bags are the greatest way to go green. They are reusable and machine-washable. And, unlike similar products, these have a zipper closure so they don’t #1 leak food or # 2 get crumbs stuck in velcro. The biggest difference, that makes me proud to not only be involved with this company from a business perspective, but also makes me comfortable as a mom, is the amount of testing this company has done on their product.

Itzy Ritzy has gone over and above the types of testing they were required to do to make sure the product is safe for food.

It’s been approved by the FDA, is CPSIA-compliant, BPA- and Phthalate- free. It’s water resistant and durable.

And the company has now taken it to the next level. Not only can people purchase these bags in boutiques worldwide, or directly online at http://itzyritzy.com (along with a full-line of products), but now they are available to schools, groups, teams and other organizations who need to raise money.


You know how each year at the beginning of the school year, you receive forms to order items like gift wrap, candles, chocolates, etc? These are great items and they are great fundraisers for schools. But here’s something different. Not only is it a great tool, but it helps your community go a little greener (not to mention the margin on the product is super for your organization). You’ll have new playground equipment or new uniforms in no time. The company will even throw in a complimentary press release for you to distribute and get the word out amongst your community to let them know your group is going green.

520 East Brands is proud to be the company handling the orders for this fundraising project. As with all the companies we work with, we believe in this company. We believe in its products. And as a working mom, I trust them.

If you are involved in your child’s PTA or any other organization looking to raise money and you want to have a great new product to help your community go green, contact me at shane@itzyritzy.com.

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