Ok.. .well, that may be a stretch. but Sheryl Cohen Becker is a girl and she does live in California…even if her heart always belongs to Chicago.

Sheryl and I met years ago on a trip for singles when we were both in our twenties, living in Chicago. We’ve kept in touch, mostly through mutual friends, through the years. Last year, she got married and moved west. Crazy for this White Sox fan, I know. She seemed to be adjusting to life out left but being in the mortgage industry, she needed something a little extra to do. So out of nowhere, I received an email from Sheryl, asking if I’d like to expand to Cali. And… well… of course I did!

So here are her answers to the interview questions. Get to know Sheryl!

What is your career background, before coming to this position?
Way back when, I earned a BS in Finance from the University of Illinois and worked for a bank, investment consulting company, consumer packaged goods company and HR consulting company with an MBA from NYU thrown in too. For the last 8 years I’ve been securing financing for residential home purchases and refinances in all states.

What’s your long term goal with 520 East Brands?

Learn about important and fun products for baby and mom, and supplement my income. By important I mean not just products that can make the lives of mother’s easier but also those better for the environment and healthier for baby/kids!

What’s your daily schedule like on days you are working?
I am up by 7:30 working on and off or some days, on and on and on until 5 or 6 as a residential mortgage broker in addition to a 520 East Brands rep. I try to get to the gym in the middle of the day a few days a week to stay in shape and make up for all the treats I like to eat.

Where did you grow up?

Winnetka, Illinois

What’s your “elevator pitch” about what you do?
I represent a number or unique, wonderful products for kids and new moms, bringing them to boutiques and gift shops, most of which I look forward to owning one day, but for now, make sure everyone else can!

What’s your favorite vacation of all time?
A few years ago, my parents took us all on a cruise to Alaska, it was truly amazing to see the glaciers and the mountains. It was like all I learned in grade school & Jr. High science in reality. Even though we couldn’t see Russia, we did get a look at the peak of Mt. McKinnley, the highest in all of North America which is often cloud covered. We were within a few feet of a bear in Juneau and went whale watching too. It was all just breathtaking and the midnight buffets were a site to see as well!

What’s the one place you’d love to go with your family?


What’s your favorite restaurant in your local city?
Hmm, it was Wildfire in Chicago but I guess now I should pick somewhere in LA, I loved our experience and the food at The Foundary on Melrose.

So there you have it, folks. This Chicago girl has officially gone Hollywood. Glad you are on the team, Sheryl!

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